Crowborough Superstore

A new supermarket provides an opportunity to re-connect Crowborough's public car parks with its High Street and to ensure the new car park deck becomes an integral and popular part of the public realm.

Principal routes linking Crowborough's public car parks to the High Street cross the car park deck of a new supermarket. The design represents an abstract version of the local High Weald landscape - there is a logical conceptual sequence downslope from the 'rural' wooded upper slopes to the urban bustle of the High Street. The car park is dominated by a new pathway and public space which curves alongside a rippling landform planted with heather 'ridgetops' and tussocky grass 'vales'. A curved seating bench runs alongside the pathway so people can sit on the edge of the 'heathland'. Circular clumps of Scot's Pine and some striking lighting columns provide a setting for this upper route, while a new courtyard at the entrance to the Fernbank Centre is a simple public space with specimen oak trees, benches and an information point.

Wealden District Council

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