Spilsby Market Place

The redevelopment of Spilsby's historic market place has been a boost to the town's economic, social and cultural life.

Following an initial strategic townscape analysis, Sheils Flynn has completed two major public realm design projects. The first establishes a new town centre gateway space around Spilsby's memorial to one of its most famous inhabitants, Sir John Franklin, an explorer who died while trying to find the North West Passage. The second has transformed the rest of the historic market place, balancing the requirements of market traders, car drivers, shoppers, visitors and bus passengers. The design incorporates a new InterConnect bus shelter and a stone carving (by Charlotte Howarth of 'Making Marks') which was developed using words contributed by local school children.

East Lindsey District Council

Making Marks (Artist & Community Engagement)

WT Partnership (QS)
Hannah Reed (Engineering)

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