Historic floodplain
Carrow Quarter, Norwich

vibrant public realm, which extends throughout the network of streets and squares surrounding NCFC’s Carrow Road Stadium, with links through to and along the Carrow Quay riverside

The streets around the stadium are multifunctional shared spaces which can be used flexibly to accommodate the wide variations in flows of people and vehicles between ‘normal’ days and match days. These spaces are also the public realm for the residential flats, offices and riverside pathways throughout Norwich’s new Carrow Quarter.

The strong decorative paving pattern in Jarrold Square and Geoffrey Watling Way reflects the rich heritage of Norwich’s historic weaving tradition and particularly the canaries, which were reared by the Flemish weaving community and which are the emblem for Norwich’s team. The distinctive coloured black blocks are inspired by the pattern books that were used by the weavers. Towards the river, the design of the cuts and causeways reinterprets the distinctive floodplain landscapes of the Broads in the heart of Norwich. 

Broadland Housing Association; Norwich City Football Club; RG Carter (construction phase)


Riverside Walk/Geoffrey Watling Way (west) - Real Consulting (QS / employer's agent); Rossi Long Consulting (Engineering / Principal Designer);  Carrow Quay/Carrow ViewRichard Utting Associates (QS / Employer's Agent); Ingleton Wood (architecture and planning); Rossi Long Consulting (Engineering); MLM Group (M&E); AT Coombes Associates (arboriculture); Norfolk Wildlife Services (ecology);  Stadium surroundsRichard Utting Associates (QS / Employer's Agent); Rossi Long Consulting (Engineering / Principal Designer)

Historic floodplain
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