Courtyard housing
Carrow Quarter, Norwich

A lively, usable sequence of urban spaces is the focus for a new mixed use district at Norwich Riverside.

A robust, distinctive public realm integrates two development sites and a new riverside cycleway. The new streetscape echoes the field pattern shown on 19th C maps of Norwich Riverside. The reed-filled channels, lines of multi-stemmed and pollarded trees are abstracted forms which re-interpret the character of the historic landscape in a contemporary way. Bridges back and forth across the channels and the angular forms of meadows reflect the desire lines which criss-cross the space and lend a dynamism which persists throughout the day.

This is a highly functional Shared Space. The reed-filled water channels are an effective SUDS; the meadow is edged by south-facing seating walls; the entrances to shops and offices surrounding the square are un-obscured; and there are sunny spots for chairs, coffee and ice creams.

Broadland Housing Association


Hudson Architects (architects); Ingleton Wood (architects); Davis Langdon (QS); Scott Wilson (engineering)

Courtyard housing
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