Wooded Thorpe St Andrew ridge
Pinebanks, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich

New housing is carefully 'slotted into' the existing mature landscape structure, conserving and enhancing the sensitive ancient woodlands on the slopes of the Thorpe St Andrew ridge.

The Pinebanks development is within the grounds of a former Victorian villa on the steep, wooded slopes of the Yare valley. The key asset and constraint on the site is ancient woodland, which clothes the valley slopes. Development areas are set back from the root protection zones of woodland edge trees and housing layouts are designed to encourage residents to respect and value the woodland. Viewing piers within private gardens and public spaces are sited to take advantage of the superb wooded ridgeline landscape setting. New local footpaths provide opportunities for recreational footpaths along the wooded ridge, connecting a Victorian folly, Thorpe Tower, with the chalk pit nature reserve on the eastern margins of the site. A new 'spine landscape' through the centre of the development complements and extends the existing woodland network.

Ocubis Ltd.

Feilden and Mawson (Architects)

Plandescil (Engineers)
Pegasus Planning (Planning)
AT Coombes Associates (Arboriculture)

Wooded Thorpe St Andrew ridge
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