Green infrastructure connections
Brook Farm, Norwich

Masterplan for a 58 ha development, which extends the local green infrastructure networks and creates a lively, distinctive setting for new houses and businesses to the east of Norwich.

The layout of the development is designed to complement existing landscape patterns, with a combination of enclosing woodlands, shelter belts and copses which frame views along a subtle central valley. An existing hedged lane will become a traffic-free 'Green Lane' for recreational access through a mosaic of habitats to the countryside to the east and through the Broadland Business Park to the River Yare corridor and the Norfolk Broads to the south.

Shallow swales link along the valley to wet swales, ponds and reed beds. There is a lively interplay between these strategic open space networks and the sequence of new woodlands, copses and greens along the new Link Road which create gateway features, composed views and a high quality, distinctive setting for the new development.

Approx 550 units
LSI Architects (Masterplanning - Lead Consultant)

Millard Consulting (Engineering)
Landmark Planning (Planning)
RPS Group (Ecology)

Green infrastructure connections
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