Milton Creek, Sittingbourne.

Funded by Thames Gateway Parklands, the new riverside park at Milton Creek is a catalyst for the regeneration of Sittingbourne's historic creekside wharves.

Following directly from the success of the North Kent Cluster Studies, the early stages of this project guided decisions on the most effective way to invest major funding  from the Thames Gateway Parklands. The consensus was to create a new creekside park which reconnects Sittingbourne with its historic Creekside quays. The mudflats and saltmarshes alongside the Creek are juxtaposed against a backdrop of industry and landfill sites so this is a challenging site, where the design proposals must balance the demands of biodiversity, flood defence, landscape, recreation, tourism, interpretation, public art, heritage, navigation and a new mixed use district. Sheils Flynn is leading a multidisciplinary team to implement the park. The contractors are now on site and the project is due for completion in March 2011.

Swale Borough Council



Land Management Services (Ecology)
WT Partnership (Costs / CDM)
Red Kite Environment (Heritage Interpretation)
GHg Consultancy (Business Planning)
Alan Baxter Associates (Engineering)
Peter Liversidge (Artist)
Barker Langham (Community Engagement)

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