InterConnect, Lincolnshire

Designed to combine the function of bus shelter, information and easy access, Sheils Flynn's contemporary InterConnect bus exchange points are a catalyst for small scale regeneration in small towns and villages. 

An award winning experiment in rural transport is beginning to have a tangible impact on the townscape of a series of Lincolnshire towns. Operating since 2003, InterConnect is a popular regional satellite bus system.  Each passenger interchange point provides shelter, information and easy access on and off the buses. Since the InterConnect stops are all in town centre locations, their design has provoked widespread comment from local people and especially traders, who wanted to avoid a design which might block views to commercial frontages. The result is a sleek, contemporary design, which is easily integrated into different townscapes and which has won approval from local communities, businesses and planners alike.

Lincolnshire County Council


£450,000 (£70,000 each)

Donnelly O'Neill (Architecture)
WT Partnership (Cost Planning)

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