Landscape layout
Hopkins Homes HQ

A high quality environment for a new HQ with a unified and distinctive sense of place

The gateway landscape frames a vista to the dramatic gable end of the new building. Long borders filled with decorative contrasting ornamental grasses follow the architectural alignment, providing enclosure to an outdoor seating area. Beyond the lines of grasses, a canal of water catches the eye. The canal is the focus of the landscape composition. It is a stunning reflective pool bordered by walkways and planting which are aligned to guide people towards the main entrance of the building. The steps up to the Canal Terrace accentuate the sense of arrival. Within the car park, parking runs are separated by clipped hedges and an avenue of box-headed trees signals the main pedestrian route.  A semi-circular lawn provides a tranquil space for staff to relax where the enclosing woodland is ‘held back’ by a more formal composition of  curved hedges and pleached trees.   

Hopkins Homes


LSI Architects (architecture); Rossi Long Consulting (engineering); MLM Group (ecology);  AT Coombes (arboriculture)

Landscape layout
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