Yorkshire Dales National Park LCA

A new landscape character assessment which incorporates detailed spatial analysis of the special qualities of the National Park and guidance for development in selected settlements

The stunning, evocative landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales are designated as a national park in recognition of their exceptional scenic beauty. The sweeping moorland summits, carved by intimate dales and dramatic limestone features are traced with patterns of stone walls, barns, settlement and industry that reveal a legacy of land use dating back through the centuries. This is a landscape of national importance, which forms part of our collective identity. 
This landscape character assessment (LCA) classifies, analyses and describes the different landscapes found in the national park and will be used to inform decisions about landscape planning and management which guide positive landscape change.  It takes account of the key drivers for change and also provides guidance for built development, land management and recreation, including guidelines for development capacity and constraint in larger settlements.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


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