Hill Common Fen
Hickling Broad Spatial Plan

A strategic plan for one of Europe’s most valuable and vulnerable wetland landscapes, which balances Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s core aims of biodiversity conservation and connecting people with nature

Drawing on detailed research into the biodiversity and hydrology of Hickling Broad, this study combines scientific evidence with subjective analysis. It considers landscape legibility and sense of place, visitor access and the local economy. The team worked closely with local stakeholders to develop a shared vision for the sustainable use and benefit of this internationally important nature reserve.
The resulting set of ‘light touch’ interventions provide multiple options for wildlife watching and interpretation. They include a Green Car Park to relieve traffic pressures on Hickling Heath village; a NWT Boatyard Staithe to welcome and inform Water Trail visitors before they embark; a stunning elevated viewpoint across the Broad; facilities for learning the craft of boat building and repair; restoration of an historic drainage mill; and a network of sustainable routes for visitors. 

Norfolk Wildlife Trust


Brown and Co. (architecture); Royal Haskoning (transport planning)

Hill Common Fen
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