Overall vision
Waterside Stortford

Developed with stakeholders, the Waterside Stortford project articulates an ambitious vision for the River Stort through the centre of Bishop’s Stortford, with costed concept designs for key sites

The River Stort remains one of the town’s most attractive assets, yet it is under-used. Waterside Stortford offers a deliverable programme of projects which will together create an attractive, coordinated sequence of high quality riverside spaces. Waterside Stortford will reinstate the River Stort as the key structural element at the heart of Bishop’s Stortford.
A continuous riverside pathway will connect the floodplain meadows, parks, spaces, moorings and terraces alongside the River Stort. Circular routes, improved waymarking and new bridge crossings to enhance the role of the river corridor as the sustainable transport ’spine’ through the town. A more visible, accessible river will be the focus for attractive, lively views and the setting for valuable riverside properties, public realm and events. 

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council

Environment Agency

Overall vision
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