Landscape masterplan
Fosse Park, Leicester

The landscape design scheme for Fosse Park provides a high quality environment for leisurely shopping. The focus is on improved circulation and orientation, particularly for pedestrians

Contrasting paved surfaces and lines of trees define safe, level pedestrian routes through the car parks to a linked sequence of widened shop forecourts covered by striking high canopies. 
The unified palette of materials and carefully coordinated suite of outdoor furniture (seats, bollards, bins, planters, cycle stands, lighting and trolley shelters) creates a distinctive, sophisticated and very comfortable shopping experience.The dynamic rhythm of the pathways and spaces changes at key destinations, where feature paving, specimen trees and furniture combine to create visual landmarks and attractive places to wait, meet and eat.

The Crown Estate


Litchford Consulting (project management); The Harris Partnership (architects); MJM (engineering); DDA Ltd (lighting); Christopher Smith Associates (cost planning); Tim O'Hare Associates (soil science); Godwin's Arboricultural Ltd. (arboriculture); The RG Group (contractor - phase 1)

Landscape masterplan
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