Urban context
Duke's Wharf, Norwich

A sequence of urban courtyard and mews spaces designed for residents and as a public space for those passing through en route between the Duke's St bridge and Norwich city centre

Duke's Wharf has a strategic location alongside one of the principal bridges over the River Wensum, which connects Norwich's art school complex to the city centre. The landscape and public realm is designed as a shared space, with priority to pedestrians walking diagonally across the site along the desire line between Westwick Street and Duke's Street.  The scheme must balance the need for residents' privacy with that of a public space so legibility is a key consideration.
The central tilted lawn is designed to be an inviting place to relax in the sunniest part of a site that is relatively enclosed by tall buildings. Adjacent small courtyard and mews spaces have a relatively formal character and are demarcated by high quality materials to create a sense of ownership


Innes Associates (architects); Mott Macdonald (engineering); Norfolk Wildlife Services (ecology); Ravencroft (arboriculture); Allman Woodcock (QS)

Urban context
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