Evolving the masterplan
Long Stratton, Norfolk

Long Stratton's new bypass will take traffic away from the town centre; but it will also become a gateway to the town, supporting a vibrant and sustainable development structure which integrates the new neighbourhoods and forges new connections to the surrounding countryside

The starting point for the concept masterplan is the relationship between the historic core of Long Stratton and its bypass, taking account of the historic pattern of connections between the town and its surrounding hamlets, as expressed in the gridded network of roads and footpaths. 
The process of layering the green infrastructure proposals with the historic landscape pattern and the alignment of the bypass begins to suggest how the landscape of the potential development areas could be structured in a way that conserves and enhances the existing landscape and historic character. Our aim is to let the pattern of the landscape dictate the structure of the masterplan and to avoid allowing the bypass to dominate..... a landscape-led masterplan.

Norfolk Homes


 Cornerstone Planning; Michael Haslam Associates (Planning); ASD Consultants (Architecture and engineering); Cannon Consulting (Transport planning); Sustainable Acoustics (noise); DLA Piper (legal); Beacon Planning (Heritage); Wildfrontier Ecology (Ecology)

Evolving the masterplan
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