Cumulative visual assessment
Moulton Heights, Northampton

Masterplan and LVIA for a mixed use development and bypass for a sensitive site on the fringes of a historic Northamptonshire village as part of a package for an outline planning application

This development of 1000 dwellings incorporates a primary school, employment, a pub, restaurant and petrol filling station in support of an outline planning application.  It  is split into two distinct 'villages' subdivided by a natural valley which will be managed as an informal country park.  The site is to the north of the historic village of Moulton and the scheme is designed to retain Moulton's separate landscape setting, while improving green infrastructure connections and providing new community benefits.  The structure of the development  is dictated by the location of important archaeological sites (remnants of a Romano-British settlement) and by the historic pattern of trees and hedgerows.  It reflects the transitional change in landscape character downslope from the elevated plateau to the north of Moulton to the intimate river valley 

Roundhill Northampton Ltd.


Marchini Curran Associates (architects); NLP (planning); Integrated Transport Planning (transport); Ecology Solutions (ecology); Environmental Noise Solutions (noise); Buro Happold (engineering); Wardell Armstrong (archaeology)

Cumulative visual assessment
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