Green Lane West, Norfolk

Connected by strategic green infrastructure links to Norwich City Centre, this part of Norwich's 'Growth Triangle' will be a sustainable community with a distinctive landscape setting

The gateway views across the site from the Green Lane West-Salhouse Road roundabout provide a strong visual axis which structures the layout of the new development. A green wedge 'pulls' the landscape right into the heart of the new housing area and new woodland planting extends the scale of the existing woodlands to the west and screens views to the Northern Distributor Road. The hierarchy of greenspaces and roads provides opportunities to create a distinctive landscape setting, as well as habitats for wildlife and a variety of attractive landscapes for recreation, community events, relaxing and growing, with links to surrounding landscapes and rights of way.

Norfolk Homes


Wheatman Planning (Planning); Rossi Long Consulting (Engineers); James Blake Associates (Arboriculture and ecology); Alan Moss Associates (Landscape and visual impact); Sustainable acoustics (Noise)

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