Hotel JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta
An attractive, welcoming landscape for business and short stay visitors to the Holiday Inn Express Hotel at the JIExpo Complex
The structure of the landscape is inspired by the dynamic character of the exhibition hall, which is the setting for the ebb and flow of visitors. There is a strong sense of arrival, of celebration, but it is also an opportunity for meeting, relaxation, people watching and a change of scene. The paving pattern at the drop-off and gardens and the grids of trees and palms spaces echo the vast grid of the exhibition hall and the formal layout of exhibition stalls. By contrast, the arc of the terrace wall, planters and water feature represents an opportunity to slow down and stand aside. The seating deck and shade structure bring a sense of space and enjoyment while the gateway and flowering trees, screen planting, flowers and ornamental planting schemes are designed to create an attractive and pleasant surrounding green environment.
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