Healthy Living Centre, Belfast

A public meeting place for socialising, refreshment and play as part of a community and health centre in Belfast. The spaces are designed to welcome and enclose, while also framing views to the surrounding black scarps and cliffs.

A health facility which is also a Community Centre - the design team worked with local people to create a building that they can all their own. Sheils Flynn's role was to design a public space between two buildings - one new and one refurbished. The area is treated as an extension of the sequential flow of spaces from the street to the front door, through the cafe and social areas and out of doors. It is part cafe, part circulation and part play.

This is a difficult political environment and the courtyard space is protected by high wire security fences. It is also enclosed by a series of walls which are designed to break up and disguise the sense of 'being in a cage'. The design of the walls also reflects the drama of the Belfast skyline and the whole scheme frames vistas to the surrounding black scarps and cliffs.

North and West Belfast HSST

Donnelly O'Neill (Architecture)

Hamill Gallagher (QS)
Albert Fry Associates (Civil & Structural Engineers)
LRH Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical Engineers)

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