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Greyfriars Health Centre, Great Yarmouth

The design of the courtyard landscape for the Greyfriars Primary Health Centre is structured by the distinctive local 'fishbone' pattern of Great Yarmouth's roads.

The design concept for the courtyard landscape of Greyfriars Primary Health centre is inspired by the distinctive urban grain of Great Yarmouth; the principal roads curve along the ridgeline of the vast sand dunes that underlie and shape the historic town. Between these main routes a network of alleyways and courtyards form an interconnecting sequence of enclosed spaces.

The points of access to the courtyard generate a'push-pull' network of activity across the site. The tension between the geometry of the courtyard form, the diverse angles of the built facades and the ebb and flow of people is expressed in the sinuous forms of the paving pattern. The landscape design, including pine trees and native grasses, and the curved timber forms of the seats and rails echoes the character and form of local dunescapes.

LSI Architects (Architect)
Historic map
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