Calming a busy gateway to Ipswich
Ipswich Shared Space

'Shared Space' aims to reconcile people, places and transport in accordance with home zone principles. The idea is to strike a balance between vehicles and everyone else who uses the street, while creating an attractive and interesting place that reflects local needs and activities.This project in Ipswich has been used as an international case study to show how Shared Space design principles can be successfully applied to build civic confidence and enhance local identity in a degraded and isolated urban context.

The streetscape is de-cluttered with signs and road markings removed and drivers are made aware that they are entering a 'Shared Space' environment. The Ipswich Village Shared Space project was used as an international case study to promote and share best practice. A series of high quality gateway spaces were introduced in a degraded and car-dominated urban area; gateway markers and a unified design indicate the hierarchy of public spaces, discouraging casual parking and vandalism. Perceptions of Ipswich Village are being transformed, particularly for the local community who now feel they live in a place rather than a zone of transition.

Suffolk County Council

Phil Jones Associates (Transport Planning)

Ben Hamilton-Baillie (Shared Space)
Irene Rogan (Artist)
Ipswich Borough Council (Civil & Structural Engineering)

Calming a busy gateway to Ipswich
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