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Brook Farm Link Road, Norwich

Woodland copses, swales and ponds along the corridor of the Brook Farm Link Road are designed to animate and enliven the landscape, integrating the road into the community and thus influencing driver behaviour.

The Brook Farm Link Road provides access to a 58ha residential development and the Broadland Business Park to the east of Norwich. The road is carefully aligned to reflect the contours of a subtle valley and is designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape patterns. Varied planting includes a sequence of new woodlands which extend the 'stepping stones' of wooded cover from existing mature woodlands within Norwich to a wooded estate in the countryside to the east. The sequence of views along the road is designed to create gateway entrances to the development; a series of small 'greens' contrast with the enclosure of the wood and provide a setting for the local centre at the heart of the development. 

Lothbury Property Trust

Approx. 550 units
LSI Architects (Masterplanning - Lead Consultant)

Millard Consulting (Engineering)
Landmark (Planning)
RPS (Ecology)

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